Sweet & Tamed Sugar Gliders

Native to Australia, New Guinea, and the Bismarck Archipelago.


When you buy a sugar glider from us you will be getting an animal that has been bred for health and temperament. An animal who has received special care and a well balance diet. My location is based just west of Indianapolis. I would just like to note that our adoption availability does vary. I try to keep this website updated with all the information needed to buy and care for your glider. For more information on how to buy sugar glider don’t hesitate to contact me.

Meet Our New Gliders

Name: Snowball

Color: White

Birthday: 6/29/22

Price: $250

This boy is so cute. Was going to be kept for breeding but have instead decided to sell. Will come with cage and all supplies. 

Name: Pumpkin and Peanut

Color: Standard White Face

OOP: 7/3/23

Price: $250 EACH

Two boys for Jingle and Bells! They are so sweet and tiny and are ready to go by 10/25/19.

Name: Hazel

Color: Standard

Birthday: 6/15/23

Price: $250

Such a tiny little angel from Jaz and Jessie! Ready shortly.

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