How to Adopt

Before the Adoption

  • I post my gliders at just a few weeks old. So there may be a wait to receive them.
  • During these few weeks I will be making sure your glider is healthy and eating well on its own. I will work with it on socialization and handling but you must continue after you receive them.
  • I have thirty pairs of gliders I am working with and managing. I probably won’t have time to give daily updates on your glider. I want to ensure you have a pleasant adoption experience but I am working with many customers and simply do not have the time.
  • Taking pictures of babies is stressful for both the babies and the parents. The pictures I have of your glider are the ones on their post. Taking more is extremely time consuming and stressful to the glider. PLEASE do not request a new picture of your glider every day. Again I will try to do as much as I can to ensure your satisfaction but continuous pictures will be too stressful for the young baby.

Adoption Day

  • Please have your cage and supplies ready before the adoption day.
  • The rest of the payment is DUE on this day unless otherwise discussed.
  • I will try to schedule this day at your convenience.
  • Unless you have previously owned a sugar glider or you location or schedule simply cannot allow it, the adoption will be done at my location.
  • When you arrive your glider will be in a pouch hopefully asleep.
  • I try to do adoptions at a time the gliders are not fully awake to avoid stress.
  • I will give a short rundown of glider care and management similar to the information on this site.
  • I will also take as much time as you need to answer any and all questions you may have.
  • Your glider will be sent home with a folder containing care sheets, and exotic nutrition catalogue, and paperwork confirming your purchase.
  • Upon adoption you will sign two copies of a contract confirming your purchase and one will go with you.
  • Your glider will also be sent home with a little starter food and treats.
  • Once I have received the rest of the payment, you may take home your new family friend.