Our Policies

Pictures Policy

Taking pictures is extremely stressful for both the parents and the baby. I take pictures in order for you to know what your glider looks like when I post them on my website. The pictures I have of that glider are what is posted. I will not take more pictures as it is extremely time consuming and stressful for the mom and baby to send an adopter a picture update every few days. I can assure you your glider is in good health and that I will do my best to ensure that you have a pleasant experience when working with GlidingLight. I completely understand the excitement and the want to see your glider but I simply cannot put my babies under unnecessary stress.

Visiting Policy

I DO NOT allow anyone to visit my facility. I do this for the sole safety of my gliders. There are only a handful of individuals who have entered my facility besides myself. As a breeder my number one priority is keeping a sanitary environment for my gliders. They are quarantined from any outside influence. This is because if one of my gliders is to get sick they could all be at risk. Before they go to new homes the babies are handled by me only and it would be way too stressful to have them handled by strangers, so for that reason I do not allow people to come pick out their gliders. Many times people want to come to “take a look.” I cannot risk the safety of my gliders for an inquirer to be able to take a look, especially if they may not even be a serious buyer. I post pictures of my gliders for the purpose of my adopters to be able to choose their glider. To keep things fair I do not allow anyone in my facility. If this makes you question my legitimacy as a breeder I will be happy to give you references to call. I understand this is a harsh policy but I have to put my gliders first.