Bonding & Handling

When it comes to bonding with your new furry friend the most important thing to remember is that it is a PROCESS. I try to work with my gliders as much as possible to make sure they are socialized and comfortable with handling. However, this means that they have only really gotten to know one human, me. So no matter how much i work with them they will still go through an adjustment period with their new owner.

They won’t know your smell or who you are and will probably be scared so don’t be surprised if they crab. Take your time. You will have this little friend for 12-15 years and you want them to be comfortable so there’s no need to rush. Here are some steps to take to build a great bond with your new pal.

• First , before you ever start bonding, make sure the glider knows you are a friend. Give them a treat before you get them out of the cage or while you’re handling them.

• Scent is so important to gliders. Cut up an old shirt and put strips in their pouch so they know your smell.

• Start by carrying them with you in their bonding pouch. Relax, watch some TV or read a good book. Let them get used to your sent. They might crab in the first few minutes but they’ll calm down.

• Next hold them close to you and start to get them slowly used to you. Even give them a rub between the ears till they fall asleep. (thats a great one)  

• Start to let them run through your hands or carry them around with you.

• After that it’s just getting into your own groove with your glider.

• Please remember these steps are not all in one day but over the course of many days. This will take TIME and PATIENCE.