Taking Home Your Glider

The first day taking home your glider can be difficult. It is important to have a smooth experience for both you and the glider.  

I try to make this process as easy as I can for my customers as well as my gliders.

Let’s go through the first day with your new family friend.

• It is important to have your cage set up and ready the first day you take your glider home.

• When you leave with your glider he/she will be in a bonding pouch. LEAVE THEM IN THIS POUCH. The worst situation is scaring your already freaked out glider and losing them in your car.

• Once home go straight to the cage. Inside the bonding pouch they will be inside a small hanging pouch. Hang this up inside the cage.

• Leave your glider be for the first 24 hours. DON’T try to mess with it. This can be hard I know.

• I will give you starter food. Go ahead and feed them that the first few nights and phase in a different food slowly if you choose to do so.

• It’s okay if they don’t eat the first night. As long as they eat within the first 72 hours they should be adjusting just fine.

• Take the first week of bonding slow. Let your glider adjust. It’s a whole new world and they’re probably scared. Try to minimize more newness or any added stress if you can. I know it’s tempting to show your friends and take them everywhere but there’s plenty of time so just take it slow.

• Enjoy your new friend.