While most people may think this is an easy part of care, it is actually VERY IMPORTANT.

RULE #1: sugar gliders are EXTREMELY sensitive to chemicals. DO NOT use chemicals when cleaning your cage, accessories, bowls, or toys. I actually lost my first glider when I way 11 because my mother wanted to surprise me and cleaned the cage with bleach while I was at school. These chemicals are WAY too harsh for these little guys and I cannot stress it enough.

The best alternative that I have found to regular cleaners is a mixture of vinegar and water. The two most important things are “how often?” and “how?” Let’s go through each part of your gliders cage.

  • When it comes to the cage itself, how often is usually up to the individual as every glider is different. In general, you would want to clean the full cage every few months or sooner if you would prefer. Use a mixture of vinegar and water when cleaning the cage.


  • When it comes to the toys and accessories in the cage you will want to clean every couple weeks. Use the same mixture of vinegar and water and make sure to scrub.


  • The bottom tray of your gliders cage you will want to clean every few days or more depending on the glider. You can line these trays with newspaper or I use puppy pee pads because they are more absorbent and last longer.


  • You may discover that surrounding your cage is often splashed out pieces of your glider’s food. To help ease this problem try cutting two holes in an old container and placing it over the food bowl to not allow the gliders to splash the food our of the cage. You’ll want to clean this container around every week using the vinegar and water.


  • I clean my glider’s bowls every night but I leave this one up to my customers as I am feeding over 50 and must keep sanitation in mind. Just be sure to use NO chemicals.


  • Your glider’s pouch should actually be washed as little as possible as it is so vital for your gliders comfort. However, since they do spend a lot of time in there and it can get pretty dirty, every once in a while wash it either by hand in a machine using as little chemicals as possible.