One of the most misconceived areas if the glider world is a gliders proper cage. Many people will say that a glider needs a huge practically walk in cage.

This is NOT the case.

A decent sized cage that fits on a table or stand is fine. You want to have enough room for your glider to hop around and play but they don’t need to be able to glider around inside of it.

A simple 18’ by 18’ by 36’ or something around there will work just fine.

However, if you would like to give your glider a huge mansion that is totally great too. It’s all up to you and what YOU are comfortable with.

If you cannot find a good sugar glider cage it is perfectly fine to use a bird cage instead as they do not have toxic bars. Any other type if cage I would suggest making sure the bars are SAFE before using it.

Especially if you are making your own cage, Be sure to check your materials. 

Now onto what goes inside the cage.

Gliders are active little guys once the evening hits. Likely, you won’t be awake to play with them so it is important to have things for them to play with. However, there is no need to spend a fortune on incredible toys.

Gliders are like toddlers, you could buy an expensive toy and find them playing with the box instead. Anything that can hang from the top of the cage and SWING as they jump on and off of it is great, This can be something you buy or even a baby toy from Goodwill zip tied to the top of the cage. (my gliders love baby toy busses and shape sorter toys that they can climb through)  As log as it swings, they will love it.

You may also want something for them to climb on. This can be something you buy or a nice little branch from outside. Again do whatever makes YOU comfortable, gliders are happy either way. I have many customers that love to spoil their glider but I like to provide cheeper ideas as well. Another cage item that is not necessary but I HIGHLY suggest is a wheel. My glider spend almost every second they are awake on their wheels. That being said I would also suggest investing in a silent wheel. Wheels are great exercise for gliders and keeps them we’ll occupied however it is not completely necessary. The most important item in your glider cage should be their hanging pouch. This is where they will spend most of their day. I will provide this for you when they are adopted. Simply hang this at the top of their cage.