It is very important that I note that there is no amount of training or handling I can do that will create a glider who doesn’t crab.

Crabbing is normal.

It can mean anything from scared, to vulnerable, to just the age of the glider. When your glider is about 7 weeks to 6 months it’s going to have much more energy than any other point in its life. It will most likely crab the first few seconds it’s around people even if there is no reason to.

DO NOT let this intimidate you. I’ve seen grown huge men cower at the sight of a crabbing glider. Remember it’s usually all talk. They are like toddlers. They’re going to test you so don’t let them get very far and you’ll be fine.

• When they start to crab as your holding them simply cup your hands around them

• Gliders are marsupials and are calmed by an enclosed pouch like environment.

• Keep your hands firm but not tight.

• Try to hold them close to you.

• Once they’ve calmed down start to rub their head as explained in bonding.

• Talk to them softly.

• Crabbing should definitely decrease over time as your glider gets more comfortable in their environment.

• REMEMBER your glider is very small and the world around them looks very intimidating. Before you worry about crabbing remember that if a giant hand was coming towards us we’d be pretty freaked out too.