Upon adopting your glider you will be asked to sign a contract agreement. You will sign two copies, one you will keep and one I will keep.

Glider purchased:_____________                                           

OOP date:  ________________                                                                                                               

Weaning date:  _____________

Sex:  _____________

Color/Markings:  __________________                                

Mother:  __________________

Father:  __________________

I,_____________________ hereafter referred to as the adopter, hereby agree that the animal described above is being adopted by me as a pet for myself and or my family.  I agree to pay the adoption fee/purchase price of $__________ and understand all money paid to Mary Timm, GlidingLight is nonrefundable unless otherwise stated in this document.

I will not breed the above-described animal.  I                                                                 understand if I breed the above described animal on                                                         accident, will constitute a violation of
this private agreement.