Spending Time With Your Glider

When it comes to spending time with your glider, again, it’s all about what works for you.

Many people think you need to get them out and directly play with them for hours on end.

The truth is gliders are happy just being in a binding pouch around your neck while you do chores or watch TV. It is wonderful to play with them but sometimes just being with you is just fine. It is VERY important to spend time with your glider. Gliders can become extremely lonely and develop depression.

They may even stop eating and develop depression. Now it’s not like this will happen if you simply don’t have time for one day but you do need to sped time with them often. If you find that you simply can’t spend a lot of time with your glider it may be important to consider getting them a buddy to play with to avoid depression. Overall how and when you spend time with your glider is completely up to you!