A Little Bit About Me

This business was inherited by me from Linda Harrison a very reputable breeder of over 25 years after having partnered with her for some time.

I have taken this over as an SAE project in the North Putnam High School FFA chapter.

That being said I am only a high school student.  But, that doesn’t change how passionate I am about these little guys.  I will be keeping Linda’s same methods that have proven there effectiveness for many many years. I will not let my youth affect my productivity.  We are based out of the Indianapolis area.  All of my gliders are monitored even before their eyes see the outside world and are well loved.

With this in mind, I will make it my obligation to make sure that each glider is given a proper home.  I like to know that each buyer is serious and ready to welcome one into their home, as they are a responsibility. If you would like more information on myself, my gliders, or have any other questions please email me at [email protected]